Veronica Mars has to be one of the most underrated shows every produced. It had a great mix of interesting story lines, well developed characters and smart, witty dialogs.

I loved the people Veronica surrounded herself with:

Wallace, the new kid she saved from humiliation in the pilot episode

Weevil, the leader of the local biker gang, who never let her down when she needed to get things done

Mac, the sweet, nerdy computer whiz

Duncan, her on again/off again boyfriend and brother of her murdered best friend, Lily

Logan, the intense, rich boy son of a movie star that spends most of his time riling her up and the rest making out with her, he is also always there when she needs him most

and last but not least, her father, Kieth, the ex-sheriff turned PI who tends to look the other way when she's breaking the law but never ceases to be at her side when he is needed.

She makes and loses friends along the way as she helps her dad with his PI business and solves mysteries for her classmates on the side.

It was a great show, gone way before it's time.


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