Wakefield's child

I think, it is still possible that Wakefield's Kid is not the same person as the one who helps him...

What do you think about Madison? Why was he nice to her? Is she his grandchild? Could her mother be adopted? I mean, we never got any information about her backround... Maybe the Wellingtons never told their daughters the truth? Could be a reason why Trish was always her fathers darling...

And by the way: What happened to the Islanders (the village is empty)?

So what do you think?


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Jun 29, 2009 1:52AM EDT

I don't think soWakefield did threaten to kill Shea, and he's already killed Richard.Most of the islanders got off the island the same time the bridal party did,obviously not everyone has but most.Don't forget the town isn't that big.He was 'nice' to Madison only because she was a way to keep the wedding guests on the island, he befriended her so she would trust him, once again don't forget that he was going to kill her if anyone left the island, I don't think they were empty threats.

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