Hell on Wheels "Escape from the Garden" Review: Jury of Your Beers

If you're anything like me, whenever the Hell on Wheels theme song starts up, you set to boot-scooting and playing the hambone all lively like. Maybe it's because I recently visited a county fair featuring livestock awards, bales of hay for sitting, and carnies who looked like cowboy bandits who'd shoot you in the face for a bite of your deep-fried Oreo, but there's a rollicking, nostalgic, and violent patriotic element to the series that's always exhilarating. This is our history, folks! Hell on Wheels is as much about the national backbone that is a transcontinental railroad as it is about the human spirits behind that contstruction of that railroad, while America itself forms its own identity. It's an enthralling look at the push and pull of wills, the taming of wild land with manmade industry, the struggle for power, and the various institutions that shape and confine.  Read More...



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