The Mentalist: Season 2, Episode 6 "Black Gold and Red Blood" Review

This is actually a really good episode, it's unique. Jane gets arrested for spying on Bosco. We find out something happened between Lisbon and Bosco. Additionally in less than 3mins of observing the crime scene, a few calls from jail, a prison escape and a chat with the killer Jane proves his worth on the team by solving the case single-handedly.

Most of the episode revolves around Jane playing better than usual tricks all from his prison such as setting someone up outside of jail to be brought to him in jail so he can interview him for the case. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise and Jane plays it well planning the prison escape (possibly too easily done too) whilst handling the other inmates and guards. Trapping a mouse, a prison guard, the killer, Lisbon and Bosco. More than Half of these all from prison it cannot be denied that Jane is truly good at manipulation.

It's also interesting to note that Lisbon the smart, mature one of the team would go against her own moral judgment and blackmail her long time trusted partner. We knew before that Cho and Rigsby would bend the rules to help Jane risking their own careers and Grace would feel bad too but Lisbon would be harder to convince. On the other hand it could be seen Jane tricked Lisbon into a situation where a killer walks free or he does so the lesser evil or beneficial choice was chosen.

It was nice to find out that Bosco was a decent agent in that Cho and Rigsby couldn't bribe him. In a way the fact that Jane hadn't found something to blackmail Bosco with from the days/weeks of bugging Bosco's office is proof of this. All too often in crime tv shows there's always a hidden double agent working at the HQ so even if we dislike the fact that Bosco wants to bore us by restricting Jane he is one of the good guys too. The fact that he has a secret 8 years running doesn't mean too much when you consider almost all of us have stories we want to keep hidden.

Not that for a moment we thought Jane would be permanently stuck in a prison cell but still this was a welcome surprise of an episode. Even if "it's a little farfetched" (eg, having arranged Roddy to go to the jail that he's in, having a guard afraid of rats, prison being so easy to just walk out of...) In any case I look forward to more episodes like this and some movement back onto Red John's case.


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