The Mentalist (1x21) - Miss Red

Sometimes the clues are there other times all is revealed at the end. This plot is focused around finding $10M cash. Unlike some of the other episodes where we can try and guess who killed who we're treated to a more laid back sit and enjoy 40mins. Con-artist Brooke Harper steals this episode with her interaction with Jane everything else seems like a distraction even the main plot.

The episode starts with trying to find the body on a luxury boat. Van Pelt details the background to the story whilst Jane and Lisbon immediately pick up that something in the scene isn't right. The ship is tied to the pier and has weighed anchor. When the anchor is lifted the dead body of CEO Jim Gulbrand is found. As the story progresses we're told of a fair few characters and their involvement but mostly they're red herrings to why Jim was swimming with the ... fishes.

Brooke Harper was the new girlfriend to the deceased CEO. Her cover as a psychiatrist at the rehab centre is well played and she is very likable which is why Jane caught on that something wasn't quite normal. In a very thin, improbable but easily checkable hunch Jane leads the team to discover that Harper is really a con-artist and her eluding Cho and Rigsby made for interesting watching as it showed how smooth she was at being a con-woman, escaping by car literally moments before they burst into her office.

This leads onto Jane chasing her himself and tracks her to the Backgammon Club after quite cleverly guessing where she was heading judging from her credit card purchases. Jane drawing pictures of what she bought on the whiteboard was reminiscent of House and his games. At the Backgammon Club, Jane shows off his skills by controlling the dice to win $20K at backgammon even though Cho wordlessly tells him not to take the money. It's almost expected that all geniuses have extra skills now!

In an unlikely event when interviewing Stuart, the head of software security in the wheelchair at Gaia Matrix, Jane deduces Stuart can actually walk making a second con artist after the missing cash. It seems that the two con-artists have been unintentionally hindering each other. Stuart suggested to Jim where to hide the money but Brooke swapped the key for a fake. Jane sets Brooke up to escape this time actually planting a GPS tracker on her unlike before when he lied about having done that to catch her at the club.

Jane having told her that Stuart would know where the cash was hidden the team lie waiting at the train station to catch the killer and retrieve the $10M. With the money and proof the Stuart could walk so as to to kill Jim take the key and escape with $10M. Brooke is also captured, Jane himself tells her he could let her go again but it is implied she will escape quite soon after fooling the guard quite easily. It's hard to not like such a likable and smart character even if she was a criminal. Hopefully she'll be back next season!


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