Do they get sloppy, or what?

Did someone remember te story of Danielle Rousseau and her Childbirth? I do, she was druged and braought to a medical station where she gavebirth, afterwards she was wandering around i the jungle, searching for the child she never saw after she gave birth.

I remember that she warned claire (or was it sun?), not to trust the others with the baby.

So whats that story about ben, taking the child at the beach???


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Apr 9, 2009 5:22AM EDT

according to lost-pedia:"Rousseau claims that three days later she delivered her baby alone, which she named Alexandra. She says that she was together with the baby for a week before she saw a pillar of black smoke about five kilometers inland and on that night, her child was taken from her."
I remember that there was something with the medical station but my memories aren't that clear about that.. It has been too long since then, but she definetly mentioned the story with the black smoke and alex beeing stolen from her shortly after.

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