Seems a bit early don't you think.

After all that build up last episode of whether or not they would get across the void, we kinda just pop out on the other side. The sad thing is, that isn't even a spoiler! The episode was ~OK, as it kept to the general mood of the series so far. Also, it kept to the whole crew over comes a problem every episode theme. So far, we are still a little devoid of action in the series, and don;t worry, this episode doesn't change that.

I just think it seems a bit early in the season for us to need an episode basically dedicated to refreshing our memories on who has problems with who and what those problems are. I could see this episode coming about as maybe the 2nd or 3rd episode after a season break but not now.

Note after this point might be some spoiler for you...

The episode basically starts off, I guess assuming we just know they have been in the new galaxy for some time. Towards the middle of the episode we have an organism from a planet arise. What annoys me, is what happened on the planet? What off world expedition are they talking about? How long have they been across the void? What did the first planet in the galaxy look like? Are they actually across the void, assume so from the ending? These are all questions that I know you all want to know, but will not find in this episode!

OK, well I am done "QQing"


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