Big Bang

This was a better episode than we have seen in a long while. Although the argument can be seen as an obvious one to start from Penny,it has been a long time coming, especially as Penny constantly sits in Sheldon's chair. The chemistry between the two actors, although not romantic is still there as they play well off each other and make the episode laugh out loud funny.

I still want Penny and Lenord to get together for real and hope that they don't pin a series 3 on the 'donkey and carrot' idea i.e. Penny and Lenord get together again in the last episode.

Overall, a good episode, again relying on Sheldon to move the show along but definitely in the right direction.


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Default avatar cat
Nov 15, 2008 10:25AM EST

I agree. I have noticed that the Sheldon character gets all the best lines and seems to leave the others behind. I'm glad to see Pennys character going along from just the pretty girl who lives across the hall.

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