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Very good episode, extremely good in fact, the last scene is still making me chuckle now.

Overall, The Big Bang Theory is picking up week by week and although it still is not up there with some of my favourite shows, it is definitely climbing the ladder.

Penny is still my favourite character, and although she doesn't add the element that the others do, laughs at nerds, she brings the show down to earth, and in her own element is funny.

I believe the actress has come along way from her very dumb Disney star of '8 Simple Rules' and I am glad she is has been able to develop like she has.

The show today had some excellent bits, and at last we see that maybe Leonard and Penny might again have that romance that was so prolific in the first series.

The only down side to this episode for me was the lack of Sara Rue, her character is amazing and its lovely for Leonard to actually find a girl who really likes him. I understand that as she is not a permanent member of the cast, she will not always be in the show, but there was no mention of her character at all - though this was probably needed to show the connection between Leonard and Penny.

Altogether a very good episode, and may the writers keep producing some of the pearls they are giving us in Big Bang entertainment.



Large newrachelimage
Dec 17, 2008 9:14PM EST

Nice review and I completely agree that the show has been picking up.The second season is noticeably better than the first.This has turned into one of the shows that I really look forward to its new episodes each week!
My favorite character, however, has got to be Sheldon...who I think totally makes the show! I agree though that it's good that Penny's there to ground everyone else's geeky ridiculousness.

Default avatar cat
Dec 18, 2008 7:44PM EST

Have to agree! Sheldon makes the show. Its the way he and Penny interact. That is why Penny is so essential to the show. Without her as the foil to the nerds then they would only be half as funny. The contrast of worlds played out on screen is excellent. Penny represents the majority of the audience who themselves have less than a firm grip on theoretical physics and 'all that sciency comic book stuff'.
I know I may not be popular for this statement but this season has made me a die hard fan. I look forward to Big Bang now more than HIMYM. Right now I think it is miles funnier and miles cleverer!

Default avatar cat
Dec 19, 2008 5:30AM EST

Ye I do agree that Sheldon creates a lot of the laughs, and ive said that in previous reviews :P but there is something about Penny that means i really like her character :)

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