Season 8 Ep 5

(Spoilers in this review) Wicked episode, though I kinda wish Clark was made to answer his question, that would have been interesting!!! Also, the reason why Lois didnt electricute Clark with her 'yes' was a bit pants. Will Olliver find out next episode that they are not actually engagaed? As that would make an interesting moment.

About Tess, I am still not decided on whether I like or dislike her though I am leaning towards liking her. She has a great comic value with her comments, and as much as I like Oliver, I was fully behind her when I learnt he cheated on her with a maid.

Overall, I like what they are doing with the series and am gutted that it is the last one they are doing. I hope a 'New adventures' comes out again, with Tom Welling as superman!! (like thats gonna happen) ...


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Oct 17, 2008 8:09AM EDT

yhh mee too ... i wanted clark to answer the question ... but he had to ruin it ... i knew lois liked him.. i could see it in her eyes when she caught him with maxima (instinct) JEALOUSY!! ...anyways as for tess .. i really don't like her .. i know what oliver did was wrong when he cheated on her and all but he truly looked like he regretted it .. and he wanted her back
am i the only one that feels sorry for him?

p.s. the look on his face when he found out clark and lois were engaged ... that was hilarious

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