Season 3 Episode 3 - The Gothowitz Deviation

BAZINGA! First of all, the opening scene has to be one of TBBT's best. Penny dancing crazily to 'Man I feel Like a Woman' had my laughing out loud.

Another thing that I really liked about this episode was the fact that they have Penny and Sheldon interacting again. I said last time that they needed to have more of these two and looks like the writers are also aware that they are the best together on the whole show. The end when Penny catches the chocolate in her mouth is a great moment and I wonder how many takes it took Kaley Cuoco to actually catch it!

Howard's 'Goth' look, although very startling when he first came to the flat, actually grew on me and I found myself thinking that if he wore outfits like that more often he would get more girls. Maybe because his turtle neck wasn't so obvious or maybe because his hair looked quite cool but I found myself thinking that he looked more normal and less creepy as a Goth than as himself!!!

Sheldon's idea of conditioning Penny was hilarious and telling Leonard that a few mild electric shocks would cause no muscle damage whatsoever also had me in stitches.

Great writing for this weeks episode!!


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