Little Gossip Girl Spoiler: Jenny and Nate.


Michael Ausiello of EW has this mini-Gossip Girl spoiler in his Q&A today ...

Q: I love Nate and Jenny on Gossip Girl. They are amazing together. Any news about what's ahead for them?

A: Amazing together? Are we watching the same show? I haven't been that turned off by two actors kissing since Christopher Atkins planted a sloppy one on Linda Gray almost two decades ago on Dallas. Thankfully, a Gossip Girl insider assures me that Jate, Nenny - whatever the hell the kids are calling Nate and Jenny - will be euthanized faster than you can say "statutory rape."

I on the other hand actully kind of liked Nate & Jenny together and I am kinda sad that the writers just teased us with hooking them up together.

But hopefully we get to see some more scenes of Nate and little J.

Thanks to Gossip Girl Insider for this!



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