"Never Been Marcused" Episode quotes and pictures.

Blair: [sees Nate and Catherine on the floor] Oh my effing God

Serena: Well, if you can't find common ground with a dictator, I don't know who can.

Blair: Dan likes soccer, right? Or football, as Marcus calls it? Think it would be too weird if he came?

Serena: Not... necessarily ...

Blair: Good, you'll call him?

Serena: Does this mean you actually think Dan has a redeeming quality?

Blair: As long as knows his arse from his Arsenal, I think he's aces

Dan: I was just thinking about... this morning... on the bus ...

Serena: Yeah, we didn't exactly stick to the plan, did we?

Serena: [makes move on Dan] What do you say we ... just forget thinking and... follow our hearts.

Dan: You sure that's your heart you're following?

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Sep 7, 2008 7:16PM EDT

it's a good thing that Serena and Dan got back...best way to start the 2nd E! i hate cHuck on the opening he did not admit to B that he love her very cowardly! but as usual i supah luv their get ups:)

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