Gossip Girl Spoiler: Uncle Jack Bass to return?

What actually happened on New Years eve involving Chuck, Blair and Jack?

Q: Before Gossip Girl's cruelly long hiatus, a preview showed Uncle Jack telling Chuck what happened between him and Blair on New Year's. But the scene was cut from the episode, and now Jack is gone! Will this ever be brought up again?

A: This reminds me of the time that my great-uncle Shorty, he of the "go-to-hell" pants, went missing at an ice-skating party. Fortunately, we just followed the Schnapps fumes down to his favorite thinking log and there he was, unconscious. Uncle Jack, on the other hand, is very much alive Down Under. My personal Gossip Girl insider tells me we'll revisit the Uncle F---a situation in a future episode, which doesn't bode well for Blair. The real question: If we take that preview scene at face value, does that mean that Chuck already knows?


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