Miracle isn't powerful, it's muddled and diffuse.

By Owen Gleiberman (EW.com)

Spike Lee's last film, the gratifyingly tense and tricky Inside Man, was celebrated "rightly" for the way that Lee finally jumped, feet first, into the studio-genre-movie game. He cooked up a gourmet-popcorn heist thriller and stamped every moment with his personality. Lee, until now, has never made a movie "good or bad" that wasn't unmistakably his. His latest, Miracle at St. Anna, is the first Hollywood feature to tell the story of the African-American soldiers who fought in the U.S. armed forces during World War II , and as such it's a movie with a monumental mission. Unfortunately, that's more or less the only monumental thing about it. Miracle isn't powerful, it's muddled and diffuse, and the disappointment of the film begins with what a hard time I had finding Spike Lee in it.

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