**GOSSIP GIRL SPOILER** Chuck, Chair, Darena.


Chuck and Blair can't really be over...Can they?

And Chuck doesn't really go tumbling to his death...Right?!

This is what many of you fellow Gossip Girl fans are asking (shrieking) after tonight's heart-stopping episode, in which Blair finally said those three little words ("I love you") only to be left behind followed by a sneak peek of the next episode in which Chuck teeters over the edge of a building.

Not only was tonight's G.G. episode arguably the best of the season, it left behind some burning Q's that, tragically, won't be answered until next year. (That's just cruel.)

Lucky for you, I have answers right now...

Though it might not seem like there is much hope for a shiny, blissed-out future for our beloved Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester), a reliable insider assures me, "Chuck and Blair aren't just the Gossip Girl couple of the moment. They are the core Gossip Girl couple of the series. So you definitely will see much, much more of them in the days to come. The dance has just begun."

Still, for the time being, Chuck and Blair won't be together. We'll learn in the next episode (January 5, 2009) that he has fled the country on a path to self-destruction, which is why Bart's brother will be swinging into town.

Regardless, despite the teetering Chuck and broken glass in the promo below, the Basshole is so not dying. In fact, should there only be two characters left standing in the series finale, you better believe it would be those two gorgeous mugs seen waltzing above.

Meanwhile, can we chat for a quick second about how remarkable Ed Westwick was as Chuck in this episode? Too bad Thursday's Golden Globe nominations have already been decided and the CW never gets any love whatsoever, because this boy should be taken seriously by awards voters....Parents Television Council and Gossip haters be damned!


Meow! Don't tell Serena, but it looks like Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey is getting a cougar for Christmas.

The good news? She's really only 25.

The badass news? She'll be digging her claws into Blair.

Yes, inside sources tell me exclusively that Dan (Penn Badgley) is getting a new love interest of a more mature (and scandalous) nature.

Danny in New Orleans: Any hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? I cannot stand her new beau, Aaron.

That makes three of us! Here's hoping Santa gives him an Epilady for Christmas to tackle those three chin hairs, 'cause that would enhance my Gossip Girl viewing experience greatly. Regardless, it looks like Dan and Serena will not be rekindling any flames any time soon because I'm hearing from reliable sources that Dan is getting a new love interest. Laura Breckenridge, whom you may remember as the youngest sister (Rose) from Related, is playing that hot new teacher I told you about a few weeks back, and I'm hearing she'll be sparring with Blair and getting romantic with Dan Humphrey. Gossip Girl writers, you know we love you. XOXO

Ahhh... It looks like we need to wait till the end of the second season to see our favourite couple "Chair" and "Darena" to reunite.

Thx to gg-media for this!



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