episode 3 review

This episode was not my favorite since not much was going on, also shippo can be very annoying... In this episode shippo meets other fox demons at a shrine where they are currently taking exams that will rank their fox demon power. As usual shippo gets carried away with defeating Inuyasha and moving his rank up to number one. I have to admit though, some parts were kind of funny.

What interested me the most was towards the end of this episode when the sword guy (the one who repaired Inuyasha's sword when it cracked in an eariler season). came to help sesshomaru transform his sword's power into one that could kill his eniemies by opening up a portal to the underworld instead of bringing people back from the dead (I'm not quiet sure if he can still bring people back from the dead or not.. I'm assuming his sword has just aquired a new power and is closer or is at full potential now, allowing him to use both powers.)

anyway at the end of this episode after Sesshomaru masters the new power of his sword (which his does with one one swing) a bunch of petals start blowing around in the air in the meadow he was standing in practing his power. I think this makes referrence to Kagura because when she died white or pink petals started blowing through the air.

At this point we can tell sesshomaru is still very upset and possibly infurated by Kagura's death (which leads me to believe he had some form of attachment emotionaly to her, I'm just going to assume he likes her.) because he goes back to something Morymaru said in the episode where Kaugra dies (episode 2.)

If you remember correctly as sesshomaru fights a losing battle to morymaru, morymaru tells sesshomaru how Kagura betrayed Naraku and that she died in vain for her freedom. well, this is the scene sesshomaru is replaying in his head at the end of the episode.

(getting back to the petals in the meadow) sesshomaru stands there and mumbles to himself

"I'll be the one to decide if she died in vain."

and then the episode ends. (from what I get out of this, sesshomaru is going to avenge Kagura with his sword by sending morymaru back to the underworld. But what fascinates me so much by this is that sesshomaru shows this huge passion for Kagaru now, that I never saw before... either I never noticed that he actually cared for Kagura or he's suddenly showing this big interest in her now that she's dead. I had always gotten a feeling that Kagura liked sesshomaru ever since they had met, but I never Really thought that sesshomaru had any interest at all. So this episode was just kind of shocking to me in that sense. The end of this episode was definetly something special and I'm looking foraward to the next couple of episodes and seeing if any of this new found rage inside of sesshomaru is explained....


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