[SPOILERS] Wilson's Heart and Season's End

As House's 4th season comes to a resounding conclusion, I can't wait for this fall. Wilson's Heart was a fitting end to a wonderfully fresh storyline, however sad it may have been.

[Spacing this so that the spoilers don't appear in the excerpt]

With the death of Amber resting on the shoulders of both House and Wilson, one can only wonder how strained their relationship will be in the future. Will House lose his only friend? Will Wilson be able to get over the loss?

The episode advanced our understanding of most, if not all, characters. Thirteen receives a shocking test result, we learn more of Kuttner's childhood...but not enough information to satisfy our intense thirst for more House episodes!

We leave House in a hospital bed, holding hands with Cuddy as Wilson walks away. As suspenseful a finale as anyone could have thought of.

What does the future hold for House? We'll have to wait a couple of months to see. ;)


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