Episode Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008

Tuesday on Dancing with the Stars, the judges chose Warren and Kym's tango to see again, which allows me another opportunity to share a Peter Gunn-related memory. I had a roommate in college who was dating a girl for whom the Peter Gunn theme was, how shall we say, mood music. Funny, right? But you want to know who made the semifinals, and who is out, right?

Did Cody just say that Julianne made him a man? I knew it! It's good to see Julianne return, but I fear it may be Cody's last week. Say it isn't so?

Brad Paisley, who will cohost the Country Music Association Awards on ABC Wednesday, performs his single "Ticks," as Lacey and her brother Benji Schwimmer do some ballroom-style boot-scootin'. I'm thinking Paisley could have shaved for his national television appearance, but I'm guessing that's what my boss is thinking about me most days, so there you go. Lacey and Benji are certainly an energetic pair, aren't they? Is it just me that thinks that some of their more gymnastic moves aren't sibling-appropriate? If so, I'll just get back in my schooner and sail back to Plymouth, circa-1620, and give some Native Americans smallpox or something.

The people in the crowd have their favorites. That is all.

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