New Ghost Whisperer Melinda Pregnant with Jim's Baby!!! & Season 5 Scoop!

That Melinda is preggers with Jim's baby, but that's not all It's a very special baby with an important role to play, who will inherit unique abilities from Melinda. But Melinda's new, young apprentice, also possesse other kinds of gifts that we haven't explored on the show yet.


Everyone is going to be really happy that Melinda's baby is really Jim's!!!

Jim's still Sam, but he now goes by Jim and knows and remembers he is Jim and will be raising the baby with Melinda.

Book of Changes (finale Season 4)

Melinda's dreams and visions about her baby tie in with a mysterious Book of Changes that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Sam and Melinda get married too

Jim's back but everyone on the show still perceives him as Sam. "He can't resume [his Jim life] exactly, because Sam Lucas doesn't have a license to practice emergency medicine, but obstacles are also opportunities. He finds a new direction that actually allows him to go after a specific dream he's always had. "Like, say, Jim's dream of medical school? Looks like Grandview residents might eventually enjoy Jim's bedside manner via Dr. Sam Lucas

Melinda looking very pregnant !!

Jim/Sam & Melinda getting married in the middle of Grandview!!

I don't know why, but this picture makes me think they're in Vegas to get married!!

What do you think they will call the baby i heard maybe they will call it James Jr or Jamie for aboy but who knows for a girl ??

i think for all what Jim & Melinda have when through this is something good to come from something so sad ( jim death)

Ghost Whisperer is a fab show i must say i am it's number 1# fan !!!

Any thoughts?



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May 13, 2009 3:18PM EDT

I LOVEEEEEEE Ghost Whisperer, We have just had out first episode of season 4 and I wouldn't wait so I watch it all online and I must say I loved every episode.
I sooooo hope Ghost Whisperer is going to continue. To Many great shows are going off air when they shouldn't be.
I think JLH is an amazing actress.
Keep up the great work Jen

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Jul 26, 2009 9:59PM EDT


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