One of the worse action/adventure shows I've ever seen

I've never watched the old series, but I thought that this new show had potential when I first heard about it. After I watched the pilot, I was very disappointed. The acting was bad, I mean BAD, and the dialogue was corny as hell. There is an attempt to try to make a love story between Sarah and Mike, but it is an utter failure. The dialogue and emotion between them is so lame and fake. Also in the car chase/action scene near the end when the father is kidnapped, it was pretty unrealistic that everybody else died and the father barely had a scratch after the crash. Also, did anybody notice when Mike stopped the car and it kind of turned? It like pretty much turned out of the path of the van, and you can see it for a second, but then when it changes angle, the van is on a direct path toward KIT.

All in all, it was a terrible show. I couldn't even watch the whole episode. I had to skip through some parts because it was so pathetic. Many scenes were also very predictable and unoriginal. (Motel scene where they all are turning the doorknob but it is so obvious that it was going to be Mike coming through the right door. There was also too much time spent on trying to convey that idea of all turning the doorknob at the same time hahaha.) I honestly had to create an account on Sidereel just so I could comment on how bad this show was. Don't waste your time! The only good thing about the show is that the mustang looks awesome, but then again, you can see nice looking cars elsewhere. Don't waste your time!!!


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