The Definitive Batman Guide! (3 parts)

Batman on Screen

Intro: Batman (aka The Dark Knight) has been portrayed on the silver screen and in home formats more than just about any other character in history. From the early serials (which influenced elements of the comics) to the '60s camp series (a piece of unforgettable pop culture kitsch) and on to Tim Burton's 1989 event movie (featuring Jack Nicholson's unforgettable portrayal of The Joker) fans have never had to wait long before a new take on Batman hit one screen or another. Even as Joel Schumacher threatened to bring the character to his knees after 1997's positively dreadful Batman and Robin, the resilience of The Dark Knight would pull through in the form of a new animated series (and related feature films) that proved the rich storylines of the troubled crusader were still ripe for interpretation, whatever the form. Finally, Christopher Nolan brought the live action series back from the dead with 2005's Batman Begins, widely regarded as the finest comic movies ever made. Early word is that the follow-up, The Dark Knight, might be even better.

But the titles mentioned above are far from the complete list of Batman's adventures on screen. Our exhaustive guide takes you through (almost) every incarnation of Batman on screen, from the '40s serials to the '60s silliness to the animated shows and on up to The Dark Knight. Is anticipation for The Dark Knight killing you? Well give our guide a read through and pick up some of the releases below to tide you over until July 18th! ...Continue reading the Batman Guide


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