Wolf Man Goes Old School; Footage Revealed

Makeup master Rick Baker was on hand at Comic-Con to reveal footage from the upcoming Universal monster flick The Wolf Man, a remake of the 1941 classic starring Claude Rains.

The ultra-gory footage showcased a dark, foggy world that looks very much in the vein of the original, although this new take is more of a period piece rather than the vague locale of the original.

Although Baker said the original approach was to create a CG Wolf Man, he ultimately convinced the powers that be to allow him to create a practical Wolf Man in the old school traditions of movie magic. Benicio Del Toro's intensive makeup, which took more than three hours from start to finish, is comprised of Yak hair, a rubber nose, leg extensions and plenty of patience.

After the reel of footage, two surprise guests joined the presentation - The Wolf Man himself, Benicio Del Toro and co-star Emily Blunt, who plays Gwen Conliffe. Fans erupted in applause.

As it turns out, Del Toro himself is also a fan of the classic movie monsters and, along with Baker, helped convince filmmakers to abandon the digital approach.

Finally, an excited Del Toro (well, as excited as he gets) asked if they could run the reel again. Fans seemed just as enraptured the second time around.

The Wolf Man hits screens nationwide on April 9, 2009. More


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