Jon Favreau Battles Marvel over Iron Man 2

The internets are awash with reports that Iron Man director Jon Favreau has threatened to opt out of Iron Man 2 unless he gets a hefty pay raise for the sequel. Depending on which story you believe, the bosses at Marvel Studios are either trying to make Favreau work for pennies, or Favreau is demanding compensation somewhere in the realm of Bolivia and two Caribbean islands to be named later.

The spat started on Tuesday when Favreau reported on his Myspace forum that he hadn't heard from Marvel in weeks, adding that he wasn't too keen on Iron Man 2's rather ambitious release date of April 30, 2010. Then IESB poured gasoline on the nascent blaze, citing sources within Marvel that claimed the studio execs were simply "being cheap" in their negotiations with the director. Yesterday, Marvel fired back via DeadlineHollywoodDaily, claiming that Favreau was indeed offered significant salary bump for an Iron Man sequel.

Look for the posturing to continue. The stakes are high in this battle, considering that Iron Man has earned upwards of half a billion dollars worldwide to date. We're not expecting the two sides to join hands and sing Kumbaya anytime soon. Read: Jon Favreau Battles Marvel over Iron Man 2


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