Truly Outrageous Memories

I recall the very first time I saw this show. It only lasted a few minutes, because Jem was on another program. I think it was something to do with monster trucks or machines. I was absolutely amazed at the music, the singing, and the story of how Jem came to be.

After Jem got her own show, and moved, I was even more thrilled. I never missed an episode. Even today, I enjoy all of those songs about love, caring, and friendship. No, I do not like the Misfits singing and lyrics and music, but the idea for such songs, as well as such a group was awesome. I enjoyed the Stingers, and I was sorry they did not come into the show until the third season. My favorite Stingers song is "Let me Be".

The person, or people who wrote all of those songs did a fantastic job. The actors were outstanding. The writers of the series episodes wrote excellent stories. Everything about Jem was just terrific.

I am a singer, and I still enjoy singing those great songs.

Yes, Jem is "Truly outrageous".


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