The Man With Two Brians

LMFAO,this was problably the funniest episode yet of season 7,I was laughing from start to finish,and the fart song was...PRICELESS.If i had a quarter for every second i laughed in this episode,id be up alot of money.Now im not saying the other episodes werent funny,but this just makes my day,and it will problably make your day to.I hope every episode after this one is as funny,but I guess they cant all be winners...but seriously if you havent seen the episode watch it,NOW.I dont care what your doing,watch it.


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Nov 10, 2008 4:20AM EST

I second this quarter notion, i would also be rich in quarters. Basically if you didn't watch it you are as good of as every bank in the states :D
watch it!

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