Stan and co.

Hailey, Claus, Steve, Roger and Francine.

An environmentalist and a sexually confirmed young woman Hailey seems to be the black sheep of the smiths, but she is one of the critical voices that the producers use to shout the outrages affairs that go on in the united states.

A sadistic German man trapped in a fishes body, Claus always has a nasty comment in his bowl and isn't afraid to say what he thinks when people pay attention to him. you gotta love the holocaust jokes! After all isn't facing history easier, when you make fun of it?

Steve, a reminder of our selves when we were as geeky and unpopular (...well maybe we still are...)

Roger, a unique caricature of the sitcom alien, this sexually confused character loves to dress up and tends to go both ways, as it seems he doesn't even want to return home, he'd rather booze up and finish what's left of Francine's casserole.

Francine, the beautiful blond housewife, mother of two, used to be a party animal and had quiet the promiscuous life style, as she has the largest rose bush garden in the state.(each bush representing a man she slept with)

and finally Stan the man, c.i.a. agent and a devoted republican, his idol is currently George W. Bush, but he'll always adore president Reagan. A gun fanatic and a materialist, he is also a patriot and therefore the ideal American citizen. He is the center of attention in American dad, because he is the tool that the producers use to criticize the materialist life style pushed upon the people as well as to criticize the domestic and international policies of the us government.


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