TSCC Tops E! Onlineâ??s Save One Show Poll

Every year, the E! Online folks run a poll asking their readers which show should be saved, if only one show can be saved. This year, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles won hands down with 53% of the votes, easily beating out its closest show, NBC’s (of course) Chuck. After the vote was done, Kristin at E! talked with TSCC producer Josh Freidman and here’s what they had to say.


From E! Online:

So, what’s the latest word from Fox on the future of the show?

Josh Friedman, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles show runner and executive producer, tell us that the latest news from the network is this: “They have given me no signs in either direction. I actually haven’t spoken with Fox in weeks. They said they’re going to make all their decisions when they get the pilots in, and I don’t think they have any of their pilots in yet. Things are just starting to come in from the other shows.”

Do definitely hang in there, fans, because Josh believes there is every hope that the show will get picked up. As he tells us about Fox’s executives and programming bosses (aka the powers that be), “They’re all people, too, and they hear what goes on [with stuff like Save One Show]. I don’t think it’s a futile effort at all for people to continue to fight for the show.”

So, when will we know for sure?

Says Josh, “My experience with them in the past is they make their decision on the day that they have to make their decision and not a day before that.” And that day? That’s May 18, the day of the Fox upfront, so mark your calendars, Terminator fans! We’ll be in New York that day to get the word live at the Fox upfront, so check back at E! Online early and often for the latest updates on Terminator’s fate!

In the meantime, don’t get bogged down in the to-and-fro reports in the media about Terminator’s fate. Josh likens the experience of being a show runner with an endangered series who finds himself constantly reading reports about his own future and fate in the press, as being somewhat similiar to living life as a Brangelina, Zanessa or Robsten (who are real people, believe it or not): “I think it must be what it’s like if you were a celebrity couple. You read stuff, some of it may be true, some of it is definitely false, and you could spend time chasing down every jackass opinion and lie, but it would really take a lot of time.”

If and when season three does get a green light, Fox already has a sense of what they’re getting.

Josh says, “I haven’t pitched a season three yet, but near the end of season two I had a conversation with the network about season three just because they needed to understand the radical change in direction we had gone in the finale. So they’ve know for a while some of my ideas for season three.”

Other Venues? And what if season three doesn’t happen? Could it go to another network?

Says Josh, “It’s not an expensive show, it’s very average in terms of its costs, but it’s more expensive than all cable shows. There are limited places for a show like this, I think.”

What about a comic?

Josh says, “Everyone wants to plan for success and hope that it works out that way, and then if it doesn’t, we’ll see what happens.”

Either way, there will be no spilling of secrets about Terminator’s third season…yet.

“I think that the finale speaks for itself. I think it’s very clear what season three is from watching the finale,” says Josh. (He’s kidding. I think.)

Still, it’s going to be radio-silence on storylines from Team Terminator for the foreseeable future.

Says Josh, “I just sent an email out to all the other writers, and I said that, probably, in the weeks ahead, many people will ask you either online or in interviews to talk about season three or ‘Can you explain certain things from the season two finale?’ I asked all the writers to just cordially not. I kind of feel l


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