Episode Recap: "Dream Boy, Dream Job"

Finally we were treated to a Whitney-centric episode on this week's The Hills. Looks like Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution is a bit nicer than she's come off in the past. After hearing that DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) was looking for someone to do in-house PR, Kelly thoughtfully recommended Whitney for the job. (Is Whitney more brunette than usual btw?). Kelly tells Whit that although she doesn't want to lose her, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that she believes she'd excel at. Whitney agrees and decides to take the interview, even if it means relocating to a new coast.

We didn't see much of Audrina this week, which was a nice break from the drama of recent episodes, but we did learn that she and Justin Bobby aren't together yet she still wants "it." And speaking of breaking up, Stephanie has lunch with her brother to seek advice on her relationship with Cameron. Last we saw, the two had butted heads with Spencer so I'm not sure what kind of guidance Steph thought Spencer would give her. It's a clear decision in Spencer's eyes; they've broken up 4 or 5 times, not the sign of a healthy relationship. "I know you can do better than that guy," he tells her.

At work, Whitney tells Lauren about the fabulous opportunity she was just given and that she may be moving to New York. It's a scary prospect, but one she'd regret if she didn't try. "Dream boy, dream job" Lauren says. The always level-headed Whitney, though excited about being closer to her boy Jay, made sure to mention that she'd be moving purely for the job and not any other reason. The next day, Whitney arrives at DVF. In those heels all I kept thinking was please don't trip up those stairs! She met with Alixe who told her that Kelly was very complimentary of her. Whitney talks about the styling she did at People's Revolution, specifically with the Sass and Bide show during fashion week. She explains to Alixe that she's always wanted to work for a designer but has never been able to do and so is very excited to do so. She'd be coming in as an "image coordinator" working with the brand and like that, Alixe asks how soon she'd be able to start. "I would have never taken this job interview if I wasn't serious about it. I feel like if I'm in this industry I can go into it whole-heartedly and come to The City." And there's our introduction to Whitney's new show, The City. Outside of Whitney's interview, Jay, the boy, is waiting. The sparks are certainly still there and she tells him that she'll see him "hopefully sooner than later."

Meanwhile, after a not so great dinner for Stephanie, Cameron, Spencer and Heidi (where Spencer is his usual charming self), Steph makes the decision to officially end things. "I think we know that this isn't working," Stephanie tells him to which he responds that they both need to compromise to work it out because it's worth it." Well Stephanie doesn't seem to agree because for her it's just not there anymore and as the tears roll down her cheek she explains that she deserves better, deserves to find a guy that will make her happy."

Lauren wasn't in the episode too much but I loved her scene with Lo. Looks like an era has come to an end. I remember the first episode of Laguna Beach when Lauren moved into her brand new gorgeous ginormous house. And now after 3 seasons of Laguna Beach, 1 season of Newport Harbor and 4 seasons of The Hills, the Conrads are packing up and moving to a smaller abode. Lauren and Lo go through all the stuff she's kept over the years, including journals detailing her first kiss with Stephen, her first cell phone (the size of their house phone) and even her will if she dies (to be buried in her homecoming dress with the crown on her coffin). Pretty funny stuff. She now realizes that she'll truly have to make LA her home now that the one with all the memories is gone.

Next week Whitney and Lauren say good-bye and it's the Speidi wedding (that was some fast editing!) that we've all been waiting for. O


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