Episode Recap: "A Vision's Just a Vision"

It's an awful thing to live in the dark, says Mary Alice. Our Wisteria Lane ladies all got their own version of enlightenment on Sunday's Desperate Housewives. But will the light at the end of the tunnel be enough to sustain us over the monthlong Christmas hiatus?

Mother knows worst

Lynette wants more face time with her kids, so she hilariously enforces a family breakfast (see -- Penny and Parker do exist!), which is fun until the idiot cops come and arrest Porter for setting the fire at the White Horse. Porter tells his lawyer, Bob, that he has an alibi: He was at Edie Britt's. Uh-oh, is Porter the Patrick Dempsey of Wisteria Lane (please comment if you get that reference)? "You know what I would give to date a 17-year-old?" Tom blurts out. Heh.

But no, it's a fake-out; he was there stealing her gun so he could put a scare in the already very scary Warren Schilling. "This is really not an alibi; it's more a confession to another crime," Lynette informs him. Lynette consults the Wisteria Lane Parenting Handbook and decides to sneak the gun, which Porter hid in Lynette's flour jar, back into Edie's house.

In order to post bail, Tom suggests they tap into their emergency fund. But, um, er, that's what Lynette used to bribe Anne to get the hell out of Dodge last week, so instead she has to go to a bail bondsman and put the restaurant up as collateral... without telling Tom.

When Warren threatens Porter, the Scavo offspring draws on all the good ethical examples his parents have set for him and decides to skip bail, sending identical twin Preston in his place to his arraignment so he can get a head start. When Tom and Lynette quickly figure out the twins' boneheaded plan, Lynette decides to go along with it so they don't default on the bail. So much bad judgment packed into one tidy episode!

Lynette's hair looks less wig-like this week. That is all.

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