Episode Recap: "And How Does That Make You Kill?"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, wefound out what kind of secret Eric has to hide and learn whether there's anyprogress in the Eric - Calleigh relationship.

It was a dark and stormy night...and we witness a therapysession between a therapist, Dr. Marsh (Gail O'Grady), and a man telling her ofhis dreams.

"This is how I kill you" says the patient.

The next morning her 16 year old daughter Chelsea turns updead in a pool of blood in the home, the place of Dr. Marsh's therapy sessions.It would be too obvious for the killer to be the patient with death dreams.Horatio asks Dr. Marsh who would want to hurt Chelsea but she says that she can't discusspatients due to confidentially.

"I took an oath" she says.

"So did I" says Horatio.

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