General irritation with faulty links

I'm a little irritated with the Hulu links. Not because it's a bad website - it's actually great. But they bother me only because I can't use them. They're good quality and they stream fast. But because I'm not American or living in America they won't play for me. And it seems like because they're up on Hulu not a lot of other places bother to post them.

I just started watching and I love the show. I really wanted to see Episode 14 of Season 2 but, alas, all the links lead to Hulu-based website or pay-survey stuff.

Annnnnnyway. I see that Hulu says its working its way to being international. I just hope that's realy soon, so I can enjoy FNL too D:

((Erm, yeah, and if anyone, you know, knows of any non-NBC/Hulu websites with Ep. 14 on them - MUCH appreciated if you'd add them))


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Oct 23, 2008 1:38AM EDT

I know right! That's my problem all the time too, that hulu thing keeps popping up everywhere. Well, here's a player with plenty of aps.Oh sorry, I just saw that it actually doesn't go longer than 2x02, but they might update it ;) Anyways, I'll give it to you just in case. Here's how it works: Each episode has two bits of video (you'll see what I mean), one is part a and the other is b. You'll probably have to count your way forward, although I think the last one is 2x02. Keep checking, they might fix it. And yes...Important: To scroll sideways you have to be in full screen (have no idea why). Hope the uptade it, I want to see 14 and 15:P

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Oct 23, 2008 2:59AM EDT

Hi there,
try, all their links work fine, it doesnt matter which IP address you have and most of the time its excellent quality and they are very fast in terms of uploading.
Or you try, they also have several links but so far no commercial ones where you have to fill in a survey and crap like this. I think this site is from sweden, so all non american IP adresses have a good chance there.
Both sites have all good tv series also a lot of stuff from the UK, NZ and AU and some good movies.
Also, to get a US IP adress you can download a programm called anchor shield, with this you can switch your IP address, its for free. I found it on the net by accident. I have a apple computer so I dont worry about possible virus, not sure about PCs though...

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Oct 23, 2008 12:08PM EDT

Try for the last two episodes of season two.

Oct 23, 2008 8:18PM EDT

Yep. Try Great site.

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Oct 23, 2008 11:56PM EDT

I've tried the Hotspot shield but it doesn't work with the university internet. It will never connect.
I love surfthechannel too. When I can't find episodes on here I usually check there (and Veoh and Tudou and
I'll check Ninja.
NBC is no good unless you're living south of the 49.
Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions.

Oct 31, 2008 6:19PM EDT

get a proxy

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Nov 6, 2008 11:45PM EST

i kno i had the same problem and i found most places didnt upload it...i searched for like days straight and i foun this runs a lil different to the normal vids i watch but it works so u kno...
heres the link to the fnl page

hope that helps...good luck

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