FINALE SPOILERS - Who do you wish had survived?







So Harper's has come and gone. And I, for one, didn't get it right until the last episode. I thought the killer was Maggie, Beth, Nikki, JD. Everyone except Jimmy (yeah I was right - red herring baby) and Henry (... oops).

And while I looooved the show did anyone else consider the killings a bit .. excessive. I mean. I get it. It's a mystery about a homicidal psychopath but only FOUR survivors? I feel like they only spared Madison and Shea because they can't kill a child on cable tv, and killing Shea would leave her completely on her own. Essentially everyone Abby and Jimmy grew up with, everyone they were friends with is dead. I kind of felt like maybe it went overboard.

Certain characters needed to die, yes. The Sherriff, JD, Cole Harkin, etc. Even Cal and Chloe's deaths served a purpose. Characters like Richard, Katherine, Trish's dad and Hunter, sure.

The minister, Maggie, Nikki and Kelly Seaver less so. And I was really rooting for Danny or Sully to survive. Particularly Danny who was really great guy, and Sully who made such a turn-around. He went from being gung-ho about abandoning Madison to healing Cal and dying for Henry.

This is who I wished had survived and escaped







And some of the random locals they kept throwing in the mix.

I wanted Trish to survive just to see what her reaction to Henry's ultimate betrayal would be. Shock, outrage, hurt. It had real potential. But she'd have to pull it together to take care of the orphaned Madison.

At the end I couldn't help but hope that after Jimmy and Abby escaped they'd run into the wounded but living Sully.

Anyway. Did you think the killings were a bit excessive and who do you wish had survived?




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Jul 12, 2009 10:20PM EDT

definitely danny he was my fav and sully and Trish and the sheriff and JD and maybe Shayne he risk his life for the rest fighting off Wakefield omg and Chloe and cal that were so sweet and perfect 2gether oh and wellinton that was a shocked he died

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Jul 13, 2009 2:42AM EDT

I think that everyone did have to die. Frankly, I'm kind of surprised that Shea lived. I knew Madison would (you're right about the not violently killing kids on tv thing), but I thought she'd be spared by Wakefield after her mom was killed. I was REALLY glad Jimmy lived. I liked him a lot, and Abby needed someone to be there for her, since her parents were both murdered, and her best friend betrayed her (and died, too).
But for the sake of the storyline (Henry planned the wedding to lure Abby back to the island where they could be together forever, but first he'd have to kill everyone who came for the wedding), everyone did have to go. Also, keep in mind that it was a 13 episode story arc. A lot of people had to go to keep the suspense going. Some of the people at the beginning needed to be insignificant enough to not be missed by the main characters, but some of them needed to be significant. If none of the favorite characters died, it'd be a pretty lame murder mystery. That being said, I was sorry that Trish and JD died. I liked them both.
I'm also pretty proud of myself for guessing the Henry/Wakefield's son thing a couple of episodes in, though it did still depress me when my prediction came true. I'd liked Henry, too. But it was a really good twist and a smart move-- we got to feel a little bit of his betrayal... you know, not as much as, say, Trish or anyone, but still, we did get that taste of it, which was a nice touch.


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Jul 13, 2009 4:04PM EDT

Madison was a pain but i guess your right you cant kill her off
cal and Chloe should have survived along with jd and his girlfriend i forget her name abby and jimmy obviously and that's about it
shame it was just a one off thing but hey it was great well done to all the actors for a great little show

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