ran out of steam by season 3

In the beginning I truly loved Family Guy, I even thought it's funnier than The Simpsons. But with each passing season the quality of the jokes declined severely and characters got kinda old (bar Stewie and Brian, these guys are untouchable). If Family Guy is to go on I think Mr. McFarlane should think of some proper storylines, not just Peter making incredibly dumb things all the time or Meg getting humiliated. By the way making pop-culture reference a butt of every joke is just plain lazy. Shame. I hope that new episodes will bring some fresh air, Quahog really needs some.


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May 22, 2008 6:42PM EDT

I disagree with your comment. I believe family guy has always been funny, at the start, as you suggested, and in the present. Although in my opinion, family guy has only got better, since it was canceled, family guy has come back with new, fresh ideas and jokes which i believe just blow the viewers away. I think the majority of family guy viewers will share my opinion. For a animated series where the episodes hardily ever follow on from each other a proper storyline isn't needed (even though i feel that most of the time there is a proper storyline). My final argument would be that the jokes made in family guy, even if you feel they are lazy, are what the viewers love about the show, and are the reason why the viewing and sales of the series have increased drastically. Shame on YOU.

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