Ugly Betty - The Sex Issue


* Wilhelmina is having trouble getting over Connor.

* Betty and Matt have sex issues.

* Molly writes a poem about her and Daniel's sex life.

* Amanda and Marc give Betty a makeover.

* Archie gets cock-blocked.

* Hilda and Archie have sex issues.

* Papi has bad timing.

Lengthy Recap:

In this episode of Ugly Betty, everything is focused on romantic issues. Wilhelmina is trying and failing to get over Connor, Betty and Matt have sex problems, Molly wants to read aloud a poem about her and Daniel's sex life, and Hilda and Archie have problems. It's appropriate that Mode is producing their first ever sex issue.

Let's start with Willy. She's been dreaming about Connor singing songs to her baby, but always wakes up halfway through. She seems depressed at work, and not even a drink could perk her up. Marc points out helpfully that he hasn't scheduled her to get her "car washed" in ages. He knows she's obsessing, too. She passes it off as lack of sleep, so he hires a night nanny. It turns out the man is a sexy model who looks good enough to eat. Apparently Willy thinks so, too! She dresses up and seduces him, but ends up crying when he sings to the baby like Connor did in her dream. She still wants sex, but he tells her she just needs to let it out. She fires him since they're not banging. Sexy man looks bemused.

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Feb 4, 2016 10:08AM EST

Hey! I just want to ask, who is Matt??

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