Smallville 8.16: "Turbulence"

Those who prefer episodes devoted to Clark will likely dislike this one. That's too bad, because it's easily one of the darkest episodes in recent memory. This is the disintegration of the relationship between Jimmy and Chloe, and it has everything to do with Jimmy's well-established jealousy streak. Jimmy was willing to get over Clark (for the most part), but Davis is another story.

Jimmy's not completely aware of what has passed between Chloe and Davis; if he was, his reaction would have been a thousand times worse. As it is, when push came to shove, Chloe chose to believe Davis over him. It doesn't matter that Chloe has every reason to question Jimmy based on what she's seen and what she's been told.

In other words, Davis did an incredibly good job of using Jimmy's already fragile psychological state against him. Frankly, I didn't think the writers would go as far as they did, even if in retrospect, it made perfect sense. Jimmy was the one on the pain medication, not Davis, and Davis was in the perfect position to cover his tracks. And with Jimmy quickly succumbing to addiction to painkillers, he's not exactly going to be in a position to get others on his side.

The implications are not pretty. It's unlikely to push Chloe towards Davis, but it does give Davis a reason to pursue his own interest in her. After all, he had to realize that she was a calming influence on him, and that alone is a reason for him to want her around. At least, that applies as long as he wants to hold back the worst of his destructive urges. Once his deadly crime-fighting spree is exposed and his tenuous hold on a normal life is over, it's unlikely that he would bother with self-control.

This is also another instance in which the writers foreshadow Chloe's death at the hands of Doomsday. It's happening with enough frequency that it might actually feel like a cheat if she manages to survive the end of the season. Then again, the writers have been toying with the audience expectation of Chloe's eventual death for so long that this might be just another example to prove the rule.

Clark's part of the episode was far less impressive in comparison. While it was interesting to see Tess try to worm her way into Clark's confidence, especially now that she and Oliver have taken firm control of LutherCorp, there was little chance that it would work. Especially after Clark came to the conclusion, in the previous episode, that hiding his identity is paramount.

If nothing else, this episode has helped to bring the season back on track. The ill-advised Lana mini-arc is behind them, and they can focus on everything that was so promising at the beginning of the season.


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Mar 22, 2009 11:03PM EDT

until clark learns to fly, and actual conflict arrises between davis and clark, the will still be a soap opera-as it has been for the rest of this season.

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