Episode Recap: "Shelter Island"

It was billed as the How I Met Your Mother wedding. Ted and Stella's big day. Did they go through with it? Or did cold feet get the best of them? Is Stella the titular Mother? The Mother of Ted's children? Let's find out.

A perturbed Ted and Stella join Barney, Lily and Marshall at MacLaren's, announcing they just had dinner with Stella's sister, Nora (Danneel Harris) and her uber-green and extra vegan fiance. They're getting married, remember? Well, they're not just getting married — they're getting married with Stella's dream wedding, right down to the locale on Shelter Island. Nora's "always trying to one-up me," Stella says, so she wishes it will all fall apart. Lo and behold, it does (cheating, what else?). As do Nora's vegan and unhygienic (no showering, no shaving of armpits) ways. The big day is four days away and girlfriend can't get a refund on anything. FutureTed muses about couple telepathy (Marshall and Lily in "Mary the Paralegal," anyone?) as Ted and Stella both nod in what they think is agreement with each other. Ted thinks they'll pay for dinner ...until Stella announces they'll take over Nora's wedding.

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