Burn Notice 4.12: "Guilty as Charged"

Despite some of the set-up at the start of the episode, most of the time was devoted to the self-contained kidnapping case. I have to wonder if that was deliberate, designed to convince the audience that Michael gets in perilous situations all the time with minimal harm to himself and his clients. Because otherwise, it seemed to waste a lot of time that could have gone to complicating the Barrett situation.

The end of the episode was certainly exciting enough, and while it seems rather obvious that Michael will survive, it should be interesting to find out who took possession of that briefcase. A safe bet would probably be either Jesse or Vaughn, which would tie in nicely with the season/series arc. I think the final act of the episode supports the notion that Jesse's desire to kill Michael was a red herring, and that they will simply be uneasy allies against Vaughn and "The Company".

If there was one aspect of the kidnapping case that worked very well, it was the prison break ruse. Of course, it once again brings up one of my minor complaints about the series. Michael continues to be the go-to guy for these sub-legal operations, and it makes it very hard to believe that he wouldn't end up running into an enemy that knows all about him or at least some of his recent activities.

Perhaps that is just a minor concern; perhaps this is something that has been addressed in earlier seasons, before I was watching the show. Certainly there are nuances to Michael's history and interaction with "The Company" and "Management" that I simply don't know. And perhaps that has something to do with the impression that Michael gets away with too much. If nothing else, there is still a lot left to understand about Michael's burn notice.


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