Warehouse 13 2.6: "Around the Bend"

The first few episodes of this season got me so used to the idea of this show being a bit light and wacky that I wasn't expecting it to deliver a dark and intense hour with this level of complexity. For a good stretch of the story, I didn't make the connection between Pete's impulsive play with the museum displays and his subsequent breakdown.

That has a lot to do with how well they've established the Regents as a rather sinister force. It's never been a secret that the Warehouse is considered to be something worth killing over, or that the agents associated with it make a tremendous sacrifice of freedom to protect it and the unsuspecting public. But this episode really drove that home for me.

It also made me wonder what could have possessed Claudia, as a relatively young woman with plenty of other options, to get involved with such a questionable situation. I'm sure there's a first season episode that gets into all of that, but she seemed a bit taken aback by the extent of her potential liability. While the artifacts are certainly cool and the idea of hunting them down and studying them is palpable, I can't help but wonder if she really thought the consequences through to the bitter end.

I've not been the biggest fan of Eddie McCormick since I started watching, as he is too often playing the goofy comic relief. But this episode really showcased his range, and I have to give the man due credit. There was little doubt that the situation was going to be resolved, but it was important that Pete never compromise on his perception of the situation.

If there is one complaint I have for this episode, it was the resolution to the crisis. I have no idea what Artie did at the end, and I was paying fairly close attention. It just seemed like a lot of hand-waving to me, which is not particularly satisfying. Also, I thought the consequences were a bit lacking, though it's possible that will come into play later in the season. But those were two minor nitpicks in an otherwise solid episode.


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