Ghost Hunters 5.4: "Club Dead"

While this is far from the most exciting episode, I think it's now clear that everyone involved is responding on some level to the criticisms of the Halloween debacle. We're four episodes into the new season, and while they've had a few annoying moments with the K-II Meter in hand, they have yet to pull out anything too controversial. They may be saving it for later in the season, but this is about as close to "business as usual" as it gets.

I'm still a bit concerned about the wear and tear on Jason and Grant, who still seem a lot less enthusiastic than in the past. Jason's illness could have been little more than food poisoning; they are, after all, eating in a wide array of venues when they travel, and not everything agrees with one's system. Thankfully, Grant was able to work things out with the extra hands on deck, and I thought he seemed a bit more relaxed during these cases.

I also think Kris and Amy are beginning to gel better as a team. If they insist on pairing up the two female investigators, at least they can avoid editing their footage to make them look flighty and incompetent. It's slowly getting better, but that conversation about provoking and Amy's inability to insult potential spirits was a bit ridiculous.

Still more annoying by far is the ongoing decision to emphasize the frat-boy mentality of the Steve and Tango team. It used to be mildly annoying, but it's now to the point where I can say, with fair confidence, that I can tune out the show when they appear on screen during the investigation. Nine times out of ten, it's only going to be some prank or general silliness that would detract from a real investigation and is clearly designed for the young female demographic.

Case #1: Cuban Club, FL

Grant and Britt were rather impressed with the flashlight, but I must disagree. I've used plenty of flashlights with the twist-top design, and all of them, in the right position, will turn on and off randomly, even when sitting still. Some might prefer to accuse them of using a remote switch, but that's unnecessarily complicated as an explanation. The flashlight was visibly dimming here and there on its own, which definitely resembles a flashlight that is just barely in the "on" position. The location was deemed haunted based on this "evidence", by and large, so this is not a minor point.

The footsteps on the staircase were interesting, but it would have been more impressive if the geophone from the previous episode had made a repeat appearance. Otherwise, in a room that large, it's hard to argue that "footsteps on the stairs" is the only explanation for the sound, even if it matches the client's reports.

Case #2: Trelles Clinic, FL

This actually reminded me of what can happen on an actual case. During the investigation, everything seems normal and uneventful, and the reported activity is easily debunked. And then, during the data review, there are a couple of odd items that beg for closer examination.

I wouldn't place the EVP in that category; it was buried in the background noise (like so many tend to be lately) and didn't quite sound like "Juan", anyway. The moving camera was interesting, though. Could it have been someone messing with the team? Sure, but that's hardly a definitive explanation. I would be tempted to conduct a limited repeat investigation, just to see what would happen under very strict traffic conditions.


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