Warehouse 13 2.4: "Age Before Beauty"

This episode was largely stand-alone, having no connection to the season arc. While there was the connection made with Claudia and her aborning relationship with Todd, and perhaps a reference back to some sexual tension between Pete and Myka, the rest was fairly self-contained.

I get the sense that the writers are happy to use Myka's sex appeal whenever possible, and they want to acknowledge that Pete would naturally think she's gorgeous, but they have little desire to go the conventional route and get them together. And that's all for the best. I like the idea of Pete recognizing that Myka is intelligent and wonderful and sexy, but that the professional element is respected. I may be drawing conclusions that are not fully merited, but for now, I'm good with this notion.

The central plot thread was fairly conventional, though it's always fun to see them link real historical figures and events into the fictional framework. It was a clever enough way to incorporate some fan service, but the character work made up for the less interesting aspects of the plot. In fact, I'd dare to say that there was less silliness all around, which was a surprising development, given the topic at hand.

I appreciated Artie playing the role of "father figure" to Claudia. Allison Scagliotti plays Claudia with such an old-soul charm that it's hard to imagine that the actress and character are both about nineteen. Giving her a love interest is a great way to keep her character from falling into a rut, and it's just another example of how the writers continue to improve on a good thing.


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