True Blood 3.5: "Trouble"

Well, this episode certainly lived up to its name. With the introductory portion of the season arc more or less over, it's now shifting into the complication phase, and that means the action is picking up. More than that, we're finally starting to see how the various pieces come together, and it's not pretty.

It looks like all the vampire drama is converging along with all the werewolf drama, and that's all for the best. There was altogether too much happening in too many different places, and it muddled up the picture a little more than necessary. At the same time, this feels very similar to the second season, in which much of the action with the main characters was happening far from Bon Temps.

And that means that the meat of the story is occasionally derailed by subplots in Bon Temps that don't really interest me much. Jason's attempt to become a cop is as boring as his desk job, and even his new friend Crystal doesn't do much for me. Jessica and Hoyt are pushed so far back into the background noise that it doesn't even qualify as a subplot right now.

I was originally fine with Sam's subplot with his real family, but I'm getting annoyed with it now. Unless it somehow intersects with other subplots to make it worth all the time and effort, of course, in which case it will surely look better in context. But right now, I want to smack most of those idiots upside the head with a rusty shovel.

"True Blood" continues to be a wonderfully addictive show, and the third season is steadily improving. But it's still lacking the balance and cohesion that made the first season work so well.


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