Prison Break 4.20: "Cowboys and Indians"

With the series racing towards a conclusion, it makes sense that Michael would find himself in a situation where he would have a nearly impossible choice. The entire series has been about Michael making difficult choices since day one, so why should the big finale be any different? It's par for the course on "Prison Break".

Of course, it's usually not too hard to predict what Michael will choose to do in most situations. Not so in this case. Forcing him to choose between saving Sara or Lincoln strikes at the heart of the series as a whole. Lincoln represents Michael's past; Sara represents the future. Which one is more important to him? The answer is not as straightforward as one might think.

After all, the series started with Michael's plan to break Lincoln out of Fox River, to save him from Death Row. As Christina pointed out, Michael has sacrificed quite a bit for Lincoln’s sake. One might even argue that saving Lincoln's life has forced Michael to sacrifice his own in all but the most literal manner. It's a vast extension of that psychological condition that Michael has always had, the one that drives him to save others (which hasn't been mentioned or referenced in a really long time).

On the other hand, there's Sara. She represents the chance for a life, if they can just manage to get out of this mess with the Company. She's also the mother of his unborn child, which I assume he'll learn about before much longer, just to make the decision that much harder. And considering that he's really in a situation where he can't be sure that either one of them will survive, it's surprising that Michael is even functional.

But if nothing else, the past year or so of Michael's life has taught him how to overcome his internal shortcomings. He's gotten much better at improvising and applying his genius to new situations, and he has become a bit colder when dealing with the enemy. He's not quite so naïve as he was. So something tells me that his solution to this little problem is going to be far enough outside the box to save both Lincoln and Sara, while positioning him to take control of the Company.

One thing seems certain: Mahone is going to be a big part of this finale, and that makes me very happy. I thought it was a great character touch that he gave Michael the briefcase when he heard that the General had Sara. For all that has passed between Alex and the brothers, they have come to an understanding. Unfortunately, I see him making the ultimate sacrifice before it's all over.

Beyond that, I'm not sure the episode had much to offer. Getting out of the hotel was fun, and Self's situation was a lot more tense than I would have anticipated, but some moments didn't quite work. The General's exposition scene about India and China, for example, was one of the worst scenes I've seen in a long time. But to be fair, such scenes are very tough to pull off, and if that's the worst that I can say about an episode, it's a fair victory!


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