Prison Break 4.11: "Quiet Riot"

While traditionally "Prison Break" has saved its biggest mid-season moments for its mid-season hiatus, this season has broken a few patterns and tossed the usual plans to the winds. So perhaps it makes sense for the writers to place a huge moment for the season arc in the very center of the story: episode 11. The anticipated midpoint of the season and the heart of the "complication" phase of the story, this will launch the characters into the final leg of this long and laborious journey.

Most of this episode is elaborate set-up for the real action in the next episode, but it still manages to pay off a number of ongoing plot threads in the same instance. Most importantly, the Escape Squad makes their play on Scylla, breaking into the Company stronghold using a plan that is nothing short of ingenious. Would it work in the real world? Certainly not, since the writers take liberties and the audience is left to disregard some of the obvious gaffes.

For example, at one point, Michael has a serious seizure in the middle of the operation. Setting aside the fact that Michael should know better than to risk the entire operation when he's having random attacks, he makes more than enough noise to trip off the alarm. Before that, however, the episode shows that one human body is enough to affect the thermal sensors. Yet somehow, when Lincoln has to save Sucre from falling off the rig, the thermal sensor is completely unaffected!

Equally interesting is the gambit developing between Gretchen and T-Bag. That subplot was always waiting in the wings, but now it's finally having an impact on the rest of the story. I'm not one to complain about Jodi running around in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, but bearing the General's daughter? There's an unwanted theory confirmed! Thankfully, her mercenary ways led her to betray her erstwhile allies, ending the pain.

T-Bag's alliance with her against Michael was no shock, since he's been looking for revenge since the beginning of the season. But I was a bit surprised and impressed to see T-Bag wavering. He was actually thinking about setting aside his criminal ways and living life as a slick and successful salesman. I imagine that would have worked out for him, since it plays directly to his talents.

If the show's history tells us anything, it's that the direction of the season will likely take a harsh turn for the worse before things get better. I anticipate a hefty body count before the end, and I'm sure that Michael’s decision to postpone medical treatment will be mined for all its worth. Hopefully the writers and producers will hear about the fate of the series and the rest of the season soon, so a suitable and satisfying final chapter can be prepared.


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Nov 20, 2008 4:14AM EST

Nice review. How about copying those files with the device? Really hokey! They asked for the kid to betray them by treating him like garbage.
Why have the water main shut of for one hour? Blow the whole control out and have it shut down for a day. Wouldn't you have made a run for it if you were Brad? Brad went from a tough as nails character to a real big pussy.
The brain problem.What a joke. Can't they come up with better stuff?
All they had to do was lock the door to Scylla and make their escape.
I'll keep watching but some of the stuff is plain dumb and to predictable!

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