Warehouse 13 2.10: "Where and When"

I was expecting the bad feeling between Artie and the rest of the team to continue a bit longer than this, especially since there is still some reason to believe that there is more to H.G. Wells and her restoration than meets the eye. After all, we still don't know why McPherson de-bronzed her, and her characterization in the season premiere suggested an ulterior motive that hasn't been reflected in recent episodes.

I was on the verge of assuming that the writers had retconned everything about Wells until they included the pointed reminder of the connection to McPherson in this episode. That gives me hope that there is more to the story. As I've said before, I'd like to see Wells be more than just a very deceptive villain, so whatever the resolution is, it needs to be substantial and avoid predictability.

There are some signs that the issue is less villainous motivation and more mental instability. Wells suffered a terrible loss, and did so twice. She requested to have herself bronzed! Not the sign of a fully stable individual. Add to that the relish she seemed to take in the violent revenge she eventually took on her daughter's murderers, and there's more than enough reason to think that she might simply snap.

Despite the "Quantum Leap" aspects of the time travel, and the usual complexities that come with a "whatever happened, happened" policy on temporal mechanics, this was a rather simple episode. It was another good way to throw the familiar characters into unfamiliar situations, and the "Mad Men" version of the show was definitely fun. And the ultimate resolution of the episode was touching. It feels like "Warehouse 13" is back on another strong run!


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