Ghost Hunters 5.8: "Garden State Asylum" (Part II)

Needless to say, I remember the locations that were shown in the show very well. I agree with the team that it was a creepy place, but I'm surprised that it affected them so strongly. I've only been actively investigating for a few years, and I was only occasionally unnerved (and mostly by how the place was just abandoned, with so many personal possessions left behind). Jason and Grant have been investigating for a lot longer.

I can't help but wonder if their general level of discomfort had something to do with their reactions to the noises. Even the loud banging from the attic could have been from an animal (though, to be fair, it is a stretch). Most of the shadows and noises could have easily been small animals. I'm surprised that the possibility rarely came up.

Both of the EVPs also strike me as a bit of a stretch. Either of them could have been the result of movement of debris or, in the case of the morgue, shifting on the stainless steel surface. The heat anomaly didn't impress me at all. It looked like a heat reflection on an object along the wall, which "disappeared" when the camera angle shifted slightly. If it looked like a figure at all, I think it's an example of pattern recognition.

The "big moment" is the moving camera. One thing I noticed is that they never mention where the camera was located. That would have been good to know, under the circumstances. It's pretty much impossible to explain why the camera would move like that without being there at the time, but to me, it looks like the camera itself is just carried along as the tripod is lifted and knocked over.

I certainly don't think that they presented nearly enough "evidence" to suggest that it was actually haunted. What I saw was a lot of misinterpretation of natural noises and a couple of oddities that couldn't quite be explained, blown out of proportion by the heightened anxiety caused by the location itself. My experience didn't lead me to conclude that the site was haunted, and TAPS didn't add anything to change my mind.

As a final note, a lot of fans (and critics) have asked TAPS to start using helmet cams. I think it's hilarious that they chose to listen by coming up with the most ridiculous example of one I've ever seen. That's the best they could come up with? I think there's value in the idea, but something tells me they tried to make it look silly so they could have a justification not to use them.


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May 6, 2009 11:48PM EDT

Well, all I can say is this. Stop bothering yourself with crappy shows, and look into the real documents, and the real thing. These shows will never bring the true story or ideas to the table, since, they know just as little as we do. They're just people, same as us, except, they have equipment.

Look that page up, take it seriously, and read all of his blogs, without any bias.I spent almost two years, trying to find info that wasn't opinion based, and that wasn't totally based on experience or opinion. I ended up with that guys blog.
Honestly, afterall my personal experiences, it explains so much more than anything I've come across before or since :)
P.S, a good example of how they still are far from understanding the afterlife is this.. they treat them as if they aren't still human. Watch the episodes, and you see what I mean.

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