Warehouse 13 2.5: "13.1"

For those of us who love Claudia, this was another good episode. It was hard not to be a little jealous of Todd and Fargo. It's clear that Claudia as a character and Allison Scagliotti as an actress give the writers more inspiration than, say, Leena, because she certainly gets into the mix a lot more of late.

Frankly (and obviously), I don't mind. If the show used to draw the lines between the characters more distinctly, then I guess it's a good thing I skipped the first season. Because I much prefer this rotating focus on the four primary characters, with a lot of balance and mixture between the home and away teams. While this episode had Pete/Myka and Artie/Claudia in their typical roles, it didn't feel at all stale.

Bringing Fargo from "Eureka" into the mix was not only fun, but rather intriguing. For those familiar with this season of "Eureka", it begs the question: would this crossover have taken place if the Eureka Prime timeline was still in effect? Or is this an odd consequence of the creation of the alternate timeline?

After what I felt was a shaky start to the season, I've really enjoyed the last couple of episodes. My only criticism would be the relative lack of progress on the season arc. The summer season is approaching its midpoint, and there's been practically nothing about H.G. Wells or her activities. I realize this is not an arc-heavy show, but why set something up and not use it to your advantage?


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