Ghost Hunters 5.6: "Titanic Terror" (Part II)

Case #2: Gaither Plantation, GA

The footsteps and footprint were interesting, but they raise obvious questions. The geophone detected vibration, but did they try to determine if the attic floor is susceptible to vibration when people are in other areas of the house? And why would a ghost have a discernible shoe tread? I'm not particularly convinced, even if I was rather intrigued.

As an aside: did Jason actually say that they regularly use the "flour on the floor" method when footsteps are reported? Because I don't remember them doing that on the show in any other circumstance, and certainly not on any recent investigation. That was a bit disingenuous, if that's what he said.

The opening cabinet door would have gotten my attention as well, but I would have been very skeptical. For one thing, we can't see the bottom of the door, so it's not the best possible scenario. And in my house, due to settling and air currents, my cabinet doors open by themselves all the time. It's not unusual for the doors to be wide open.

I usually don't talk about the investigations to come, but they're already rubbing me the wrong way. The next episode highlights the Spalding Inn, an establishment that is owned by Jason and Grant. That alone is a bit sketchy, in my book. The episode after that, the spring season finale, is apparently taking place at a location I've investigated in the past. While it is a very daunting location, and some might find it "scary", there was little "evidence" to be had. That's not to say that they wouldn't or couldn't find anything on their investigation, but it does mean that I'm wary of what they will find.


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