Episode Recap: "The Equation"

Walter goes home again, or at least to St. Claire's asylum, this week to help solve a kidnapping case. The boy who was taken, as well as several others in the Fringe files, was a prodigy, and the people responsible for the kidnapping him used red and green flashing lights to distract and hypnotize their victims. Walter doesn't remember the details, but he's heard of this phenomena before. He, along with Peter and Olivia, must find those behind the kidnapping before the boy is driven mad, or killed. In other news, Olivia eats a doughnut (she is human!), Walter calls Astrid "lady" and drops his food obsession this week.

We open with a father, Jeremy, driving his child, Ben, in a nasty rainstorm. Ben is some sort of musical prodigy who asks his dad to turn the wiper blades down because they are messing up his rhythm as he writes notes on sheet music. His dad declines the request but does stop to help a stranded motorist. The redhead, Joanne, plays a good damsel in distress, but something isn't quite right. Jeremy looks under the hood and sees red and green lights flashing back and forth. The next thing we know a police officer is asking how he can help — and Joanne and Ben are no where in sight.

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