Pushing Daisies 2.8: "Comfort Food"

Bryan Fuller is best known for creating properties that develop a devoted cult following and critical acclaim, but somehow fail to reach a broader audience despite the accolades. Before "Pushing Daisies", Fuller attempted to launch "Wonderfalls" on the FOX network. Perhaps because it was the FOX network, the series aired a handful of episodes before shuffling off into the ether.

Fuller manages to overlap the world of "Wonderfalls" and "Pushing Daisies" in this episode, and while none of the main cast of that gem crossed over into Ned's world, the connection is appreciated. In a perfect world, everything that Fuller has created would be part of the same universe, and they would eventually all play in the same sandbox.

It might seem odd to bring all of this up when the crossover element was a minor facet of an episode overflowing with great moments. Who didn't want to see Chuck and Ned in the same bed, for example, just before she sneaks away her dead father, betraying Ned's trust? And resolving the Dixon threat in the process? Chuck and Emerson's antics were a lot of fun, particularly given that Emerson doesn't like Chuck all that much (or anyone else, for that matter).

Ned and Olive's partnership at the baking competition was a bit more generic, but it did provide the basis for the Muffin Buffalo crossover and also gave the writers the excuse to revisit Olive's desire for Ned. Any episode that provides Olive with a musical number is a winner in my book!

This season has been very uneven for me, but this episode hit all the right notes and gave me a nostalgic slice of "Wonderfalls" in the process. Hopefully, the rest of this final run will be equally enjoyable.


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